Trident Leading the Way - What to Expect

‍Trident is the next Sushi product, created to push the boundaries of DeFi, whilst providing the most intuitive experience for all types of users. Sushi originated as a place to swap tokens using the traditional AMM model but as many of us have experienced, sometimes even simple transactions have proven to be overly-complicated to new users and in many cases, caused them to make irreversible costly mistakes. This is simply unsustainable if our main goal is to achieve mass adoption. Sushi has taken on the challenge of re-inventing the wheel.

Babylon - The Prophets Are Coming

A Protocol named after the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” - Babylon is a community-led asset management protocol built on the Ethereum network which enables users to invest in DeFi together. It is non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and governed by the community. Anyone is allowed to create an investment community called a "Garden". Users can then participate in the Garden by depositing capital. Members of the Garden can suggest and vote on Investment Strategies. They will receive rewards based on their contributions.

Collateralize SUSHI Reactor on Tokemak

Tokemak is proposing for a DAO-to-DAO treasury swap of $3M to launch the reactor. The execution price is calculated via a 7 day moving average from the day the proposal passes; after which, Sushi DAO will become a major Liquidity Director on Tokemak.

$ENS Hits $1 Billion Market Cap After Airdrop

The Ethereum Naming Service is a decentralized solution allowing users to register a unique domain name to replace long wallet addresses. This hugely simplifies the process of sending funds and minimizes the possibility of sending funds to the wrong address; an irreversible mistake which can happen to even the most experienced DeFi users.

XDEFI The Next Generation Crypto Wallet - MISO Dutch Auction

XDEFI Wallet has been designed to bring you the most enjoyable DeFi experience. We have all gotten used to the clunky UX of Metamask and the various bugs that come with it - isn't it about time we had a wallet that matches the innovation of the DeFi space? If we are to achieve mass adoption, it's clear that we need the perfect wallet to help make participating in DeFi a breeze. XDEFI certainly looks like it is in the running to be the one wallet to rule them all.

The Future of DNA Data With Genomes DAO - MISO Crowd Sale - where DeFi and Science collide. The protocol has taken banking one step further by creating a private and secure DNA data bank that puts you back in control of your genome.

Immutable Farm Live on SushiSwap Mainnet, Earn $SUSHI & $IMX Rewards!

Immutable X is a layer 2 protocol for trading Ethereum NFTs. It provides users with instant trade confirmation, has huge scalability (9,000 transactions per second), and zero gas fees without compromising the user's ownership.

Buckle-up Your Seat Belts - POAPathon Kickoff!

The biggest POAP event of the year is here! Running from November 12th-24th, the POAPathon goal is to bring artists, DAOs and DeFi protocols together. It's basically a hackathon for the design-based community!

Shƍyu v0 Week 1 Artists: A Closer Look

We will soon be seeing the launch of Shƍyu's NFT marketplace, exclusive only to whitelisted artists. During the 10 weeks of v0, 10 artists will be featured each week. Let's take a look at a few of our Week One artists and some teasers on their Genesis pieces.

Other Weekly News

During the Sushi Forum, Sam Bacha from Manifold Finance shared a very cool utility window which shows the activity for trending assets and pools. Dive in to see how this works.

If You're A Growth Engineer With Passion, WE WANT YOU

Sushi is currently looking for a Growth Engineer (Contract/Hourly/Part Time/ Full Time). Learn more about responsibilities invloved.

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