Shōyu Metaverse Unveiled: Sushi 1 - Facebook 0

This week saw the highly anticipated reveal of the Shōyu metaverse. Creating a ground-breaking, state-of-the-art NFT platform is no mean feat; the Shōyu Team have been hard at work for months and now the world can finally see the fruits of their labour.

A Deeper Dive Into this week's Proposals

Let's have a deeper look into this week's important proposals. Collateralize SUSHI Reactor and Community Enabled Analytics were discussed in deep during the last forum call, with the presence of core. Let's dive into some further insights from the discussion.

Calculating the Fair Value of $SUSHI

Is $SUSHI really undervalued ? Community members @jackste73371898 and @RochelleSophie_ spin up some metrics for you to decide.In case you're new, here's a recap. Sushiswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) -- which means it relies on self-executing smart contracts to facilitate trading.

Other Weekly News

Incase you missed it. Some local Sushi news.

Shō-ing off on Instagram

Shōyu has dropped their official Instagram filter. Show your friends how much you're worth as a jpeg!

Calling SushiSwap Polygon IDLE/WETH LPs - How to earn more $IDLE!

With low gas fees, users can now trade $IDLE on Polygon. Furthermore, IDLE/WETH liquidity providers can join Idle's LP Staking Program to earn even more $IDLE!

Say Hello to XDEFI Wallet - The New Must-Have DeFi Accessory

XDEFI Wallet has been designed to bring you the most enjoyable DeFi experience. We have all gotten used to the clunky UX of Metamask and the various bugs that come with it - isn't it about time we had a wallet that matched the innovation in the DeFi space? If we are to achieve mass adoption, it's clear that we need the perfect wallet that makes using DeFi a breeze. And it certainly looks like XDEFI is in the running to be the one wallet to rule them all.

Tempus x Sushi - Beginner-friendly Fixed-Rate Yields

Fixed rate protocols may sound intimidating and overly complex to many users. However, Tempus has built a product that simplifies the concept of fixed-rate yields. The team have also taken innovation to the next level by allowing users to provide liquidity to earn even more yield on their yield-bearing token.

New Beginnings for Kanpeki

Following a recent rebranding campaign, Kanpeki is now ready to showcase its unique fixed-rate lending and incentivized borrowing product to the DeFi community. The majority of other platforms see fluctuating lending rates but through Kanpeki's innovative design, lenders are guaranteed higher fixed returns.

'Sushi Times' - Your Weekly Digital Newspaper

The Samurais have served up yet another new dish for the Sushi community - this time in the form of a digital newspaper featuring all things Sushi and DeFi. Sushi Times will be your one-stop shop for everything Sushi.

Sushi Community's Shōyu Adventures

It has been great to see everyone having such an amazing time in the Shōyu metaverse - here are just a few of our favourite tweets. Keep them coming!

OG Forum Host MagicTurtle Retires

The Sushi Community thanks MagicTurtle for taking and growing the Sushi Forum to where it is today. All your efforts are recognized by the community! The torch will be passed onto 0xTangle, who will take the lead.

Sushi OFFICIALLY LIVE on Moonriver

Since its inception, Sushi has always pushed the boundaries on innovation. Its growth has only accelerated in the last few months and it looks like we are just getting started. Sushi led the way in terms of multi-chain expansion and was one of the first DeFi projects to take this path; cementing itself as one of the big players in DeFi and propelling the growth of the entire crypto ecosystem. Sushi's suite of DeFi products is currently deployed on 13 different chains, with the latest addition being Moonriver.

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