Shōyu: A Closer Look

The Shōyu experience is tailored for everyone, whether you are an early bird or a night owl. You'll have the option to see the Shōyu metaverse in either dark mode or light mode.

All Eyes on Shōyu v0 Launch This Week

Shōyu is a digital display interface and NFT marketplace that will allow anyone to mint, exhibit, and sell digital assets. State-of-the-art minting and auction technology will exist in V0, which allow whitelisted artists to display newly minted work, and sell them through a Fixed Price auction or an English auction. Artists and collectors will eventually be able to display their work within our walkable metaverse in late Q4, while our v0 metaverse will feature a curated gallery accessible to everyone to explore.

Buckle up for Sushi's Moonriver Launch

To incentivize liquidity on Kusama, Sushi will be starting its official liquidity mining program on Moonriver - a parachain on Kusama, which is Polkadot's sister network. This will be an important stepping stone in offering Sushi's suite of DeFi products to a whole new network of users. What's even more exciting is the entire new ecosystem that awaits - there will be an abundance of projects that are waiting to be built on top of Sushi in the coming months.

Sushi Q4 - What's Cooking?

There's a lot to look forward to in Q4, with some of Sushi's biggest product launches to date. In addition to Shōyu, let's take a look at what we have coming up.

Sushi Dune Analytics Dashboard

The Sushi Community strikes again. This time in the form of a $SUSHI dune analytics dashboard with all the information you could possibly need to track your favourite token - built by @dobbythereum.

Interview: Poison Hikari and her lethal dosages of mesmerizing PFPs

Get to know the artist who is in charge of turning our core team members into cute Avatars. Learn more about Poison Hikari through this interview.

Ethernaal Leading Tattoo Revolution: $NAAL MISO IDO LIVE

The tattoo art form has a deep history dating back to the beginnings of human civilization. Its rich tradition remained consistent throughout the years until the COVID crisis, which fueled the industry's need to find new ways of ensuring that this art form could continue to thrive.

Top VC Firm Sequoia Bullish on Sushi

Sushi’s community and quick pace of innovation has caught the eye of Sequoia, a traditional VC capital firm which was founded 50 years ago. This has even led to them market buying and staking $SUSHI.

Fastest Wallet in DeFi: XDEFI MISO IDO Coming in November

XDEFI is a cross-chain wallet with the vision of being everyone's go-to wallet in DeFi. They are looking to raise $12M in their MISO IDO which will be taking place for whitelisted addresses in early November. Key wallet features will include:

Meet DotOracle: Your New Favourite Oracle Provider

DotOracle is a fully decentralized oracle and cross-chain liquidity network built specifically for Polkadot. Its oracle service will provide real-time data between Polkadot and the 'real-world', whilst its Bridge will allow users to easily move their assets between all EVM-compatible chains.

Other Weekly News

Incase you missed it. Some local Sushi news.

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