XDEFI The Next Generation Crypto Wallet - MISO Dutch Auction


XDEFI Wallet has been designed to bring you the most enjoyable DeFi experience.  We have all gotten used to the clunky UX of Metamask and the various bugs that come with it - isn't it about time we had a wallet that matches the innovation of the DeFi space? If we are to achieve mass adoption, it's clear that we need the perfect wallet to help make participating in DeFi a breeze. XDEFI certainly looks like it is in the running to be the one wallet to rule them all.

XDEFI is a wallet extension built to handle all your transactions, assets and NFTs, regardless of which chain they're on. Hence the reason for the XDEFI Octopus logo! The chains supported so far are BTC, ETH, Polygon, BSC, THOR, LTC, BCH and LUNA, with plans to integrate AVAX. Users currently have to use an encyclopaedia of bridges to get from one network to another but the XDEFI team's main goal is to simplify the bridging process and allow all networks to interact seamlessly. It will also act as a fiat on-ramp, where users can purchase crypto using all major payment providers - including credit cards, Paypal and Apple Pay.

Sounds too good to be true, what more can I expect?

Every inconvenience which we've had to get used to has been taken into consideration by the team. Future integrations include support for hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor, the ability to revoke unlimited contract allowances from within the wallet interface as well as a full-blown mobile and web app.

XDEFI will also be launching its own governance token which users will be able to stake to earn a portion of swap fees and also get rebates on all of their transactions. $XDEFI will be coming to MISO on November 15th.

So what are you waiting for? Download XDEFI Wallet today!

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