Trident Leading the Way - What to Expect


With Trident's imminent release, now is the perfect time to introduce Sushi to newcomers and also do a recap for community members who are eagerly awaiting for DeFi's 'next-generation AMM'.

What is Trident?

Trident is the next Sushi product, created to push the boundaries of DeFi, whilst providing the most intuitive experience for all types of users. Sushi originated as a place to swap tokens using the traditional AMM model but as many of us have experienced, sometimes even simple transactions have proven to be overly-complicated to new users and in many cases, caused them to make irreversible costly mistakes. This is simply unsustainable if our main goal is to achieve mass adoption. Sushi has taken on the challenge of re-inventing the wheel.

The core focus for Trident is to create the most capital efficient platform with crypto volatility protection. The most important aspect of capital efficiency lies in the ability to remove liquidity siloes between financial tools such as trading, lending and options protocols.

The three prongs of Trident are:

  1. Re-imagined cutting-edge AMM built natively on BentoBox
  2. New pool types to give users ultimate flexibility
  3. A completely new routing engine to ensure capital efficiency

BentoBox completely changed the game when it was released. It was built to be the foundation of DeFi innovation. We can think of BentoBox as the state-of-the-art architectural infrastructure which allows developers to set up their shop on. These aren't just your ordinary shops, these are shops which push the boundaries to provide the most advanced financial tools allowing anyone to benefit from them; making it the electrifying hub of the financial revolution. Kashi was the first dApp built on BentoBox and soon it will be joined by Trident.

Sushi's swap function currently uses the original AMM model where two underlying assets in a pool automatically re-calibrate due to price fluctuations, using the equation x*y=k. This model redefined everything and proved that DEXs are the future. However with the ecosystem evolving rapidly, we have also seen its limitations. Trident will see an expansion of new pool types; giving power to users allowing them to take control of how they want to manage their assets.

The third main feature of Trident is its new routing engine called Tines. Tines will ultimately give users the best price solution for their trade, by querying all of Trident's pool types and taking into consideration many factors - including gas cost and price impact, ensuring that users are protected from DeFi risks. Users can get a good night's sleep knowing that Trident's routing engine will find them the best deal every time at just the click of a button.

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