The Future of DNA Data With Genomes DAO - MISO Crowd Sale

Trudahamzik - where DeFi and Science collide. The protocol has taken banking one step further by creating a private and secure DNA data bank that puts you back in control of your genome.

Self-custody of one's information and financial assets is what sparked this DeFi revolution. It's now time to take control of a valuable asset that stores your most important personal information. Your DNA.

How does it work?

Purchase a DNA sequencing kit from trusted sequencing providers which then securely stores your genomes in your own personal DNA vault. By granting permission to researchers to view your genomes data, users will earn $GENE. Your genomic data is your biological blueprint and it should be valued the same way everyone values their financial freedom.

By addressing privacy, security and ownership concerns of DNA testing and sharing, the protocol is leading the way in building the world's largest user-owned genomic data bank to secure the future of personalised medicine.

$GENE is a deflationary utility token that pharmaceutical companies and research organizations offer users for querying their data. For every query accepted, the user will receive the equivalent value in GENE tokens.

Here are 3 ways to earn passive income using
  • Get paid for providing your genomic data - Your data is stored in a vault. When pharmaceutical companies want to query your data, they will pay you in $GENE directly to your wallet if you accept the request
  • Earn trading fees from pools when you provide liquidity for the ETH/GENE or ETH/GNOME pair
  • Stake $GNOME - Governance token. This token will amplify the APRs of your liquidity pools and your earnings from queries. $GNOME allows users to become a member of the Genomes DAO and own part of the healthcare company!

Set your alarm everyone, 30% of the GENE supply is being offered to the public in a MISO IDO for 999 ETH on Tuesday, November 16th.

Sushi will be hosting an AMA on the same day - the perfect opportunity to learn more about this unique and very important project!

Check out Genome's blog post for a detailed breakdown on the $GENE tokenomics.

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