Shōyu v0 Week 1 Artists: A Closer Look


We will soon be seeing the launch of Shōyu's NFT marketplace, exclusive only to whitelisted artists. During the 10 weeks of v0, 10 artists will be featured each week. Let's take a look at a few of our Week One artists and some teasers on their Genesis pieces.

Chewy Stoll @chowzuh

Twist and turns into the mind at its breaking point, Chewy's unique subject matter and eye-catching 3D models are no wonder why he is a Sushi community favourite!

Vini Naso @NasoVini

Vini's work has been featured in Vogue Italia and his commercial portfolio includes icons of the design world, such as Nike, Microsoft and Audemars Piguet.

Vini is a seasoned digital artist exploring how notions of beauty and visual identity are expanding into the digital age. He mixes influences from past mythology, folk art and sci-fi to create something time-agnostic and perhaps a little uncomfortable.

Nicolas Sassoon @Nicolas_Sassoon

Using early computer imagery, Nicolas often engages in cross-disciplinary projects online - in Electronic music (New Forms), Fashion (Balenciaga) & Contemporary art. His work is no stranger to art institutions.

Nicolas' work has long been concerned with the tensions between the pixel and the screen, reflecting on their entanglement and materiality by integrating pixelated figures, moiré patterns and early computer graphics into experiential displays.

"After" is a mesmerizing 4 minute video journey, a new direction for this renowned digital artist, through the lens of digital animation with sound design by LNS.

Hayne Park @gloryholelight

An emerging talent in glassware, the "Glory hole" refers to the light that radiates from the kiln used to melt the glass. Hayne is known for her otherworldly glass exhibitions and intricately handmade sake glasses. Hayne brings a fresh use case to the NFT space & we have a feeling that the Sushi community will go wild for her special #Sak3 glasses at launch

Thom Mayne

Renowned American architect, whose visionary design can be admired on the streets on NYC, Singapore and San Francisco. His awards include the Pritzker Prize and the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal (2013).

Thom will be minting his first ever NFT collection on Shōyu. It is a continuation of his investigation into highly organized combinatory systems, the work responds to chance fissures, unions and overlaps of networks, using randomness to generate unforeseen outputs. The collection explores the potential for NFTs to reinterpret sketching as a collective act.

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