$ENS Hits $1 Billion Market Cap After Airdrop


The Ethereum Naming Service is a decentralized solution allowing users to register a unique domain name to replace long wallet addresses. This hugely simplifies the process of sending funds and minimizes the possibility of sending funds to the wrong address; an irreversible mistake which can happen to even the most experienced DeFi users.

ENS has been 5 years in the making and was founded by Nick Johnson. Those who owned an ENS domain on or before October 31st are now eligible to claim their $ENS airdrop; with the airdrop amount based on certain factors, including the address expiry date and whether users have set it as their Primary ENS.

There is a total supply of 100 Million $ENS tokens which will be distributed as follows:

  • 25% airdrop to .ETH holders
  • 25% to ENS contributors
  • 50% to the DAO community treasury

Check out this article for a more detailed $ENS overview. A "How to claim $ENS" guide can be found here.

📊 Let's take a look at some data on the $ENS Token with the help of @dobbythereum's ENS airdrop tracker dashboard! Here are some interesting stats at the time of writing:

  • 137,689 addresses were eligible for the airdrop
  • 54% of addresses have already claimed the token, even though the deadline is on May 24th 2022
  • The average gas price on the airdrop claim is 166 Gwei

You can also take a look at Dune's very insightful thread on $ENS! It's an in-depth analysis which includes $ENS buy/sell pressure by @MSilb7, a Dumpooors dashboard by @mevcollector and other information as well.

Not sure what to do with your $ENS?

Sushi has you covered. A special farm has been prepared for all new $ENS holders to earn some $SUSHI.

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