Collateralize SUSHI Reactor on Tokemak


If you haven't been in the loop, here's a recap of the proposal:

Tokemak is proposing for a DAO-to-DAO treasury swap of $3M to launch the reactor. The execution price is calculated via a 7 day moving average from the day the proposal passes; after which, Sushi DAO will become a major Liquidity Director on Tokemak.

The Tokemak Reactor would strengthen $SUSHI liquidity by enabling $SUSHI holders to become liquidity providers. All holders will have to do is stake their $SUSHI, which will then be paired with another asset (eg. ETH) from other stakers - these funds will then be deployed as LP Tokens. In return, stakers earn $TOKE - 700 $TOKE/day have been allocated as staking rewards to the Sushi Reactor. Users will also be able to stake their rewarded $TOKE into different reactors and vote where that liquidity gets deployed - it doesn't have to be a $SUSHI pair.

The passing of this proposal would mean that more liquidity could be directed to SushiSwap and therefore adding market depth; enabling larger trades to take place. In turn, this will generate more trading fees and benefit $xSUSHI holders as well.

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